• Better decisions.
    Everywhere. For Everyone.

    Harness the power of geospatial data with JMap

  • Turn geospatial data
    into business intelligence

    Create smart solutions based on accurate geodata with JMap

  • Empower people
    to build smarter communities

    Build a sustainable and connected community using JMap

Make better decisions with JMap, a map based integration platform

Connect any system or data source with one platform.

Access all your information: GIS, CAD, databases, sensors, meters, GPS, RFid, Web Services, videos, documents, ...

Analyze your data.

Interact with maps.

Make smarter and safer decisions based on data driven facts not on assumptions.


the power of GIS (geographic information systems) to your IT environment.


trends and patterns with real time access to all your geospatial and non spatial data.


opportunities for your organization by combining the power of data and maps.


your business decisions by backing them with accurate and reliable data.


multiple systems, disparate data and incompatible solutions to break down silos and create a fully integrated ecosystem.


all your data no matter the source or format in a single interface with powerful GIS tools for a more insightful analysis.


your information on a map to find smart solutions for complex situations. Simplify decision making and improve results.


One platform to connect systems, data and people

A neutral integration platform to connect your solution with any IT environment, system or data source without disrupting anything in place.

A powerful map based platform with inspiring maps and robust GIS tools to analyze, visualize, communicate and report geospatial intelligence.

A flexible decision platform designed for executives, GIS analysts and non- technical users looking for smart solutions and better results.