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Scripts In JMap Mouseover Bubbles

Mouseover bubbles in JMap are a quick and easy way to get information about an object on the map. Simply clicking or touching an object causes the mouseover bubbles to appear with different contents for each layer in the JMap project. But did you know that you can also include small JavaScript programs in mouseover bubbles?

JMap Web

Introducing JMap 7

The latest version of K2 Geospatial’s map based integration platform JMap is now available. We put together a list of this 7th version’s new enhancements and features.

JMap Pro Application Launcher

New Deployment Mode for JMap Pro

Until recently deploying JMap Pro would require some work in order to effectively manage the runtime environment, particularly with Java. However, the new JMap Pro application launcher is about to change that.


How to Create a Heat Map and Point Grouping in JMap

Did you know that you can generate heat maps or clusters of points with JMap and use them in the JMap Pro, Web and Mobile apps?

JMap Web

A Glimpse Into the Future of JMap

Exciting and interesting things are happening with JMap Web! The latest version of JMap Web provides users with a sneak peek into what JMap 7 will offer.