Spatially Smart Solutions

Since 1995, K2 Geospatial has been committed to bringing spatial
information and analysis tools within everyone’s reach
by developing software solutions that provide effective visual aids to decision-makers.

K2 Geospatial’s solutions connect, consolidate, and publish data that is often managed and stored in silos throughout different systems. Employees and citizens can easily access the information and analyze it in real time to make informed decisions. Our solutions are used by municipalities, regional governments, ports, airports, road authorities, railways, public utilities, and natural resource companies.

K2’s solutions are powered by JMap, a map based integration platform designed to connect silos and offer user-friendly interfaces destined to non-technical users. JMap is deployed and used by hundreds of organizations in North, South and Central America as well as in Europe.

K2 Geospatial’s mission is
to empower people to improve the world,
one decision at a time.


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