Become a K2 Geospatial partner
to stay ahead of your customer's
evolving needs

Your customers have an increasing need to turn torrents of data into real-time decisions and wins.
Every day they are faced with connectivity, integration and data management challenges.

The K2 Geospatial partner program, powered by the map based integration platform JMap, can help you find
smart solutions to your customer's complex needs.


Use JMap as an integration platform to connect your solution to any of your customer’s or prospect’s systems, without changing anything in place.


Combine your ideas with the power of GIS analysis and mapping. Develop innovative new software, apps or smart solutions by embedding JMap to your product.


Add JMap to your software suite or solution to gain new business. Combine this map based platform with your managed services to create a robust turnkey solution.

End-to-End Support

Ensure a quick and smooth deployment process of JMap with the help of K2 Geospatial’s development team. Access technical documentation, wikis and training sessions so your sales and technical teams are always up to date.

Optimize Operations

Fast forward years of costly R&D, accelerate implementation cycles, reduce customized development and become system agnostic. JMap’s interoperability eliminates compatibility issues, costs and delays by enabling you to quickly connect to any system, third party solution or multi-vendor/provider environment.

Powerful API

Access JMap’s complete SDK packed with powerful, yet simple, APIs to help your team develop new features and integrate the platform’s powerful GIS tools to your solution. Customize JMap’s apps to create a personalized UX and provide your customers with the functionalities they need and want.

Customer Experience

Enable your sales force to go after new business with the power to connect to any system. Market, brand and sell JMap’s white label version in accordance to your organization’s standards. Maintain full ownership of billing, support and customer communications.