JMap NG and Jakartowns

Working in collaboration with Jakarto, we have developed a JMap NG extension to view Jakartowns data directly in JMap. This means that you can now easily visualize Jakartowns data right in your JMap project, along with all of your other geospatial data.

Once you activate it in JMap NG, a new side panel will allow you to access the features of the Jakartowns extension.

The Jakartowns photo panorama is displayed in a small window. On the map, an icon shows the location and orientation of the point of view. The panorama can be recentred by dragging the icon anywhere on the map. The icon remains synchronized at all times with the panorama display.

Metadata for the location displayed, such as the date of capture and geographic coordinates, are shown in the extension’s side panel.

Using the Jakartowns service, the new extension automatically adds several data layers to your map. They include a layer showing Jakartowns data coverage (blue dots) and multiple layers of ground-level photos generated from a point cloud. Each photo layer can be displayed in a selection of styles.

The full Jakartowns application can be opened from any location in JMap simply by clicking the button at the top of the small panorama window.

Jakarto can also generate inventories of assets such as trees, light posts or road signs from captured images. These inventories can be easily added as layers to your JMap projects.

We think you will agree that the Jakartowns extension for JMap makes it simple to integrate and view Jakartowns data in your JMap projects. It is available now. For more information, please contact the K2 Geospatial team.

Jean-Robert Desbiens-Haddad

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