New Team Members

Over the past few weeks, K2 Geospatial had the pleasure to welcome two new staff members. With the skills and know-how that Christian Jauvin and Vincent Morissette bring to the service and development teams, respectively, we know that their futures are bright.

Christian Gauvin

Christian started his interest in computers and programming at a very young age, with a VIC-20, and later, a Commodore 64. He obtained a master's degree in computer science from the University of Montreal in 2003.

He completed a language modeling project at Yoshua Bengio's artificial intelligence lab. In the years that followed, Chrisitan moved between corporate and scientific environments, where he experimented and learned to work with a wide range of technologies and tools: databases and GIS in an epidemiology lab at McGill, artificial intelligence at Element AI, video games at Ubisoft, etc. Christian has also worked as an independent contractor in many academic and business contexts to build different types of applications and services.

"My work at K2 will allow me to combine many of my interests in a challenging environment to create innovative and useful geospatial applications."



Vincent Morissette

Unsure of the appropriate educational path to take following high school, Vincent began his career path in cooking. He worked for a little over 7 1/2 years in a Japanese kitchen in the Outaouais

Vincent then made the decision to move to Montreal to open his horizons in a field that interested him. He completed a DEP in horticulture at the Montreal Botanical Garden. 

Afterwards, having discovered a particular taste for school, Vincent studied geomatics at Collège Ahuntsic in Montreal. A course tainted by the coronavirus, but still very pleasant for him.

"I graduated in June 2022 and I am very happy to have found an interesting and motivating job at K2 in such a short time."