Something To Be Proud Of

The main objective of International Women's Day is to inform, challenge and sensitize citizens about the inequalities and discriminations that women still experience today.

However, K2 Geospatial wanted to celebrate this day in an inspiring and positive way. Team members wrote short testimonials highlighting the accomplishments and achievements that made them most proud - the men presented the achievements of the women in their lives.

As you read the testimonials below, you will feel the pride in our team!

I am proud to have immigrated to Quebec at the age of 21 and to have overcome many obstacles: the distance from my parents, the language, the cultural differences and the climate. During my first year, I prepared myself to take a language test in order to apply to English-speaking universities in Montreal. In the meantime, I worked in factories, cleaning floors and toilets, etc. Fortunately, I managed to get into Concordia University, where I obtained my Bachelor's degree in Physics.

I am proud that I had the courage to move to Canada over 20 years ago to pursue my education when I was 35 years old. Without the encouragement and support of many women I would not be here today.

I am proud to have flown to Montreal 3 years ago, leaving my family in Cuba, facing weather conditions completely opposite to what I had experienced, jumping over language barriers, seizing the opportunity that K2 gave me, to be part of an incredible team and to realize a dream.

I am proud to have gone back to school to change my career after completing a bachelor's degree and a certificate, and to grow personally and professionally in a new and exciting field.

I am proud to have completed a bachelor's degree in engineering when it had been more than 4 years since I had taken any courses in mathematics and physics.

I am proud of the day I signed up for a women's self defense class. Today, I am a blue belt in self defense and a green belt in karate and I am proud to have participated in a karate clinic, karate camps and a self defense demonstration. I am also proud to be part of an all-women dojo and to continue my progression in this sport that I love, surrounded by all these strong women.

I am proud of one of my former roommates who impressed me a lot during the 6 months I lived with her. She is hard of hearing and visually impaired which makes communication with other people more complicated on average for her, despite this she is very easy to get along with, is very curious about others in general and speaks several languages. One of her achievements that impressed me the most was her victory in the HEC Montreal eloquence contest in 2020.

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