The City of Montreal’s Water Inlets Readings

The quality of Montreal’s drinking water is excellent, but some buildings have lead water inlets. This can create deposits in the water, especially when it remains stagnant in the pipes for awhile.

Committed to offering high-quality services to its citizens, the City of Montreal has been conducting studies to identify lead water intakes since 2006. The City’s action plan relating to the issue includes accelerating the testing and identification process to accurately locate lead water inlets by 2022. Thus, K2 Geospatial was hired by the City of Montreal to adapt JMap Survey to this specific need.

As a result, customized forms were designed and developed, and a version of the JMap Survey application was made available to more than 75 inspectors assigned to this task by the City of Montreal. In the end, over 400,000 water inlets were located and inspected using JMap Survey.

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