Java License

Do you need to pay a Java license fee to use JMap? (Answer: No)

In early 2019, the Oracle company, which owns the rights to the Java language and the Java SE platform, decided to start charging fees for the commercial use of Java SE. This means, in general, that if your organization uses Java SE on desktops or servers, you must pay a monthly fee to Oracle. Here is an Oracle FAQ on the issue:

As a JMap user, do I have to pay a fee to Oracle for using Java?

No. The changes to the Java license only apply to versions of Java released as of January 2019. The version of Java that is included with JMap 7 is Java 8 SE, dating from before January 2019. It is therefore not subject to Oracle's license changes. It is important to note that for several versions, JMap uses a completely "sandboxed" version of Java. In other words, whether for JMap Pro or JMap Server, these are Java installations that are isolated from the rest of the system, reserved for JMap and not subject to upgrade mechanisms. In addition, JMap does not use any so-called "commercial" Java function that may require a special license.


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