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On July 8 and 9, the first edition of the SmartCityFest took place at parc Jean-Drapeau. Organized in cooperation with the Startup Fest, K2 Geospatial, and Arche Innovation, the event took place over two days, allowing participants to experience the SmartCityFest in different ways: first by listening, then by connecting.

The first day consisted of a meeting, which brought together municipal representatives who develop smart city projects, companies, startups and technological innovators in the field, as well as citizens who should have a voice with regard to the design of these new smart infrastructures and solutions.

The second day focused on putting into practice the discussions surrounding the development of smart cities. It featured a design challenge led by the Arche Innovation team. The teams had to design a model for the smart city of their dreams. Participants offered solutions that fostered the cooperation of the municipality, the private sector, and academia.


About the SmartCityFest : 
In recent years, smart cities have been at the center of many conversations related to how the world will change over the coming decades. Although we have already seen numerous examples of models of smart cities around the world, there are still numerous questions about what makes a city smart, how to better develop services for citizens and business, improve efficiency and decision making among municipal officials, and on best practices regarding the collection and protection of data.
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