JMap 7 Gibraltar

The latest version of JMap 7 is now available. It is called JMap 7 Gibraltar. Download it from our website today.









Here is an overview of some of its new features and enhancements.


Saving maps in JMap Web 

It is now easy to save maps with JMap Web. The function is similar to the contexts that already exist in JMap Pro. Under the My maps tab, click on the plus sign (+) to save a new map. Give it a name and a description, and you’re done. Your map, along with its extent, scale, visible layers, measurements, and drawings, are all saved. Afterwards, you can recall this map with one click.









In this new version, it is also very easy to update or share a map that has already been saved. To share a map, click on the share icon and enable the sharing link. When you send this link to other people, they will be able to open your map.








Drawing tools

JMap Web now offers a more comprehensive set of drawing tools. These can be used to annotate the map using text, freehand drawings, lines, polygons, etc.











You can modify all the graphical aspects of your annotations, including color, transparency, line types, and font size. You can also move or modify the objects you’ve drawn.


JMap Survey

JMap 7 Gibraltar supports the all-new JMap Survey mobile application. Using JMap Survey, you can deploy your JMap project on iOS and Android devices in vector mode. JMap Survey makes it easy to enter data using JMap’s forms. You can work in offline mode and synchronize everything when you are back at your office.

The iOS version of JMap Survey can be downloaded now from Apple’s App Store. In a few days, it will also be available from Google’s Play Store.















JMap Web New Features

We have added a few new features to JMap Web.

The language of the application can now be selected from the login page. In previous versions, the language was automatically set based on the language of the Web browser used. It is now easier to toggle between languages.

In addition, users can now change their passwords directly from JMap Web. This option is also offered in JMap Admin and is only available with JMap user management (not with LDAP and Active Directory).






By clicking on a scale at the bottom of the map, a window displays, allowing you to enter the desired scale. The map adjusts to the specified scale.




A new button on the navigation bar allows you to go back. Click on this button to undo your last navigation actions.






A major change in JMap Server

With JMap Gibraltar, we have updated the drivers for the MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MS SQL Server databases to support the latest versions of these relational database systems. If you are using older versions of these systems, you may experience some problems.

For more information on this topic, please read the following article:


Jean-Robert Desbiens-Haddad

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