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The previous editions of Entreprise du FUTUR Congress were defined by participants in the following way: "A place of meeting and understanding of the world of tomorrow that allows participants to share their experiences and know-how in the evolution of the professions that will be more digital than ever. The event is an opportunity to project companies in what they could be tomorrow".

Through a variety of lectures, workshops, and activities, K2 Geospatial CEO Jacques Charron has experienced the 4th edition of this colorful conference. Entreprise du FUTUR 2019's success is the result of a mix between topical themes – future management, customer experience, and benevolent economy - and passionate speakers such as Dirk Ahlborn, Co-Founder and CEO of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, Patrice Begay, Executive director of Bpifrance, and Bruce Dickinson, Singer and Leader of Heavy Metal group Iron Maiden.

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