An Event You Won’t Want to Miss

K2 Geospatial is proud to announce the 8th edition of the JMap Users Conference to be held on October 17 and 18 of 2016.

Following events at the Montreal Science Centre, the Ecole des Mines de Paris, the Just for Laughs Museum, the Olympic Stadium, the Biosphere, and La Grande Bibliothèque, we decided to welcome you to a place that aims to “build the future without mortgaging it”: The Center for Sustainable Development located here in Montreal.

Shortly preceding the Geomatics 2016 event, the 8th JMap Users Conference aims to promote learning via technical workshops and networking with the community of JMap users, administrators and developers.

The 8th JMap Users Conference includes four technical workshops aimed at increasing your knowledge of JMap. Each day, two interactive workshops will take place between 8:30-5:00.

On October 18 at 5:00 PM, we will hold our Users Cocktail where you can meet the K2 Geospatial team in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Join us, to have fun and relax after a hard day of work!


October 17

Workshop 1: Introduction to JMap 7 (3 hours)

During this workshop, you will discover JMap’s newest version. We will present an overview of JMap 7, emphasizing on new features and enhancements such as high availability, our new JMap Admin interface, multilingual projects and much more. In the second portion of this workshop we will demonstrate and explain in detail the upgrade process to JMap 7.

Workshop 2: Creating Forms with JMap (3 hours)

In this workshop, we will detail the techniques used to create forms in JMap Admin. These forms allow your users to perform search and data entry operations in JMap Pro, Web and Mobile. Using concrete examples, we will explain the basic concepts, advanced techniques and share ‘’how to’’ tricks to efficiently design forms in JMap.

October 18

Workshop 3: Implementing High-Availability with JMap 7 (3 hours)

JMap 7’s new high availability features (HA) enable you to deploy JMap in a more robust and more scalable way. With HA, you can create clusters of JMap servers where each cluster member is synchronized at all times with other members. This enables you to deploy load balancing, redundant servers in case of failure or test environments and pre-production. Using detailed demonstrations, we will explore how to set up the HA with JMap.

Workshop 4: Configuring and deploying JMap Web (3 hours)

In this workshop, you will find out the detailed steps to prepare and commission JMap Web applications to your users. Using demonstrations, we will showcase how to optimally configure layers, including the installation and configuration of a tile cache server.

Registration and information

Please note that the workshops are only given in French and that each registration is for a single person. Register quickly, because places are limited!

To register, simply click on the link below before October 7. You will subsequently receive an email confirming your registration, the official program and billing according to your selection.

Registration before September 23, 2016

(click the link to register)

October 17: workshops 1-2 : $500/person

October 18: workshops 3-4 : $500/person

October 17-18: workshops 1-2-3-4 : $750/person

Users Cocktail on October 18 (FREE)

Registration after September 23, 2016

(click the link to register)

October 17: workshops 1-2 : $600/person

October 18: workshops 3-4 : $600/person

October 17-18: workshops 1-2-3-4 : $900/person

Users Cocktail on October 18 (FREE)

These fees will cover your participation, training material and meals (breakfast and lunch).

For questions, please contact Benoit Fortier, our Director of Communications, at 514-285-1211 ext 124.

Hope to see you there!

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