Exciting and interesting things are happening with JMap Web! The latest version of JMap Web provides users with a sneak peek into what JMap 7 will offer. This version is packed with new features, multiple GUI improvements and is fully optimized for smartphones and tablets. The best thing is that you don’t need to wait for JMap 7 to try it because it’s fully compatible with JMap 6.5!

2016-06-17_11-01-30  pic2
JMap Web’s latest version provides users with a new intuitive interface that requires nothing more than a current browser to run. In this version, JMap Web uses an adaptive design that enables it to run smoothly on smartphones, tablets or PC.

The new version of JMap Web is based on OpenLayers framework 3. This performant JavaScript API offers very advanced and the latest mapping development applications for the Web. JMap Web takes full advantage of these applications. Moving forward, JMap Web will continue to be developed on this platform.


Fluid, Flexible and Tailored Interface

On the GUI side of things, the updated JMap Web now offers a side panel to manage layers and searches. This provides more screen space and can easily be set to be continuously visible.

pic3JMap Web also offers new data editing functions. Depending on the permissions you attribute, users can create, edit or delete objects. You can access and enter attributes on forms that you created and configured in JMap Admin.

Several interesting features such as printing with page layout, redlining and the integration of Google StreetView are also available.

To try the new JMap Web, simply click this link.

User: demo

Password: demo

To find out how to install the new JMap Web in your JMap server,

please refer to this article.


Jean-Robert Desbiens-Haddad